10 Drinks You You Secretly Had As A Teenager!

4. Two Dogs

two dogsTasted just like cloudy lemonade, right?Two Dogs was a ready-to-drink beverage that was first introduced in Australia in 1993 and went on to become available throughout the world. It was a lemon flavoured alcoholic beverage that is widely considered to have been the "world’s first brewed alcoholic lemonade" (despite the pre-existence of traditional drinks like Zima), paving the way for similar products such as Hooper's Hooch and Mike's Hard Lemonade.Two Dogs was created in 1993 by the Australian brewer Duncan MacGillivray. The tale behind the drink says that MacGillivray, an owner of a small brewery and pub in Australia, was having a beer with some friends who owned a lemon farm. They mentioned that they didn't know what to do with all their lemons that they couldn't sell due to size. Duncan said "I'll try brewing them." He soon had a truck of lemons on his hands and went to work brewing them. The result was a drink that started selling pretty well.[2] Now Duncan was faced with marketing and selling the beer and had to come up with a name. All he could think of was the punch line to a joke he had heard. Thus Two Dogs brewing company was born. There was a "Why Do You Ask?" on the bottle. This was also part of the joke.
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5. Diamond White

Another white cider for the classier cider drinker.Diamond White is a brand of white cider produced in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England by Brookfield Drinks, who bought the brand from the Gaymer Cider Company in 2013. Like White Star, it is a cider with an alcohol content of 7.5%. It was launched by the Taunton Cider Company of Shepton Mallet, now part of Matthew Clark, in 1986, and is one of the company's major brands of cider. In 2015, Brookfield relaunched Diamond White with new branding, and launched Diamond Black, an 8% amber cider.
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Its main competition is from other low-cost white ciders such as Frosty Jack's and White Ace, as well as other cheap alcoholic drinks such as Skol Super and supermarket branded beers like Tesco Super and Asda Super.

6. Warner Bros Studios Store

lambWere you a Lambrini girl? Lambrini is a light and fruity perry that is manufactured in Liverpool by Halewood International. It was first created by the company in 1994. Lambrini dominates the British commercial perry market, with a 53.6% market share in the off trade. Lambrini is available in Original (7.5% ABV), Luci (3.5% ABV), Cherry, Peach and Strawberry (all 5% ABV). A 2009 study on alcohol sold in supermarkets and off licences in North East England identified Lambrini as the cheapest alcohol in the wine category, measured on the price of a unit of alcohol.Production for a bottle of Lambrini takes about six weeks. Lambrini has on occasion been accused of deliberate confusion with other wine and perry manufacturers' products beginning with "Lam", such as Lambrusco

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