10 Drinks You You Secretly Had As A Teenager!

We all did it didn’t we? We knew we weren’t supposed to be drinking it and that’s what the appeal was. How did we get hold of it? Usually somebodies older brother or sister, or sometimes one of your friends could already grow a beard and they got served no problem! However we got it and however wrong it was A list of Ten alcoholic drinks that you possibly won’t remember, depending on how much you had!

1. White Lightning


Popular with teens who liked parks!

White Lightning was originally manufactured by Inch’s Cider of Winkleigh. Inch’s Cider was bought out by H. P. Bulmer in 1995, and in spite of initial assurances that production would continue in Winkleigh, the cider brewery there was shut and all production moved to Hereford. Bulmers was in turn acquired by Scottish Courage in 2003. White Lightning quickly gained brand recognition in the late 1990s-2000s in a competitive marketplace with its distinctive large deep blue coloured thin plastic bottle’s design, very low price and high strength, making it popular with those seeking strong alcohol with minimal money to spend. On its release, its strength was 7.5% alcohol by volume, although labelled as 8.4%. UK alcohol taxation provided a price-break for ciders up to 7.5%, which fuelled the original development of the white cider market. However makers were allowed to over-state this strength on product labels, up to 8.4%

2. Mad Dog 20/20

Alchopops we used to drink XX ways we used to get drunk in the 90s

Available in a range of colours, flavours and hangovers!

Flavored fortified wines are inexpensive fortified wines that typically have an alcohol content between 13% and 20% alcohol by volume (ABV). They are usually made of grape and citrus wine, sugar, and artificial flavor. MD 20/20 (often called by its nickname Mad Dog) is an American fortified wine. MD 20/20 has an alcohol content that varies by flavor from 13% to 18% (with most of the 18% varieties discontinued, although Red Grape is reportedly available in 18% ABV). The MD actually stands for its producer: Mogen David. Originally, 20/20 stood for 20 oz @ 20% alcohol. Currently, MD 20/20 is not sold in 20 oz bottles nor at 20% alcohol by volume.

3. Archers

Alchopops we used to drink XX ways we used to get drunk in the 90s

What sophisticated lady didn’t love an Archers and Lemonade?

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