10 Chocolate Bars 80s Kids Loved To Eat!

4. Banjo

banjoThe original Banjo chocolate bar was sold in the Greater London area, UK, but the product was discontinued in 1954. At that time, it was a chocolate wafer bar, with a chocolate filling, covered in milk chocolate, rather similar to Kit Kat. Banjo was reintroduced with a substantial television advertising campaign in 1976. In this reincarnation, Banjo was a twin bar (similar in shape and size to twix) and was the same as a Drifter but with a chopped peanut layer and the whole covered in milk chocolate. It was packaged in distinctive navy blue - with the brand name prominently displayed in yellow block text - and was one of the first British snack bars to have a heat-sealed wrapper closure instead of the reverse-side fold common to most domestically-produced chocolate bars at that time. It was available into the 1980s. There was a coconut version also available in a red wrapper with yellow text.
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5. Texan

TexanTexan was a nougat/toffee bar covered with chocolate, manufactured during the 1970s and 1980s. It was withdrawn from sale in the 1980s but was briefly re-launched as a limited edition by Nestlé in 2005 during a wave of sweet-related nostalgia.A 2004 survey of sweet shops' customers rated the Texan bar their favourite sweet of all time, by a large margin.The advertisements for the Texan showed a cartoon cowboy, who was captured and tied to a stake. When asked if he had a last request he asked for a Texan bar which took him a long time to eat; meanwhile, the bandits fell asleep, ensuring his escape. The cowboy's catchphrase “Someone should have told em, Texan takes time a chewin!” "Sure is a mighty chew!"
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6. Pyramint

pyramintThe Pyramint was a brand of Terry's chocolate popular in the 1980s. It was designed to resemble an Egyptian pyramid made of dark chocolate, hence the name. Inside, where the burial chamber would have been, was a mint-flavoured fondant. Other variations included Pyramints in bars which had pyramid segments. Production had ceased by the 1990s, due to falling demand.

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