10 Books We All Read In The 80s!

8. The Garden Gang


The Garden Gang was a series of books for children written by Jayne Fisher. They were published by Ladybird Books during the late 1970s and early 1980s as Series 413 and later re-issued as Series 793. Fourteen story books were written, each containing two short stories about a group of characters who were fruit and vegetables living an almost human life, selling over 8 million copies. In addition to the fourteen story books, there were also three other books – an annual and two colouring books. Fisher’s books were not dissimilar to the popular Munch Bunch series, also devised by a young girl, the fourteen-year-old Angela Mitson. At the age of 9 years, Jayne was the youngest author to ever write for Ladybird Books. Her writing and illustrating has been an inspiration to others.

9. Funny Bones


Funnybones (Welsh: Y Sgerbyde), was a Welsh/British children’s television comedy series, which first aired in Welsh on S4C and in English on BBC1 towards the end of 1992. It was based on the eponymous series of nine storybooks by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, which were illustrated by Andre Amstutz, and focused upon the adventures of a gang of skeletons known as the Funnybones. There was Big Funnybone (whose catchphrase was “Good idea.”), Little Funnybone, (who was the brains of the outfit), (White, White) Dog (“These Bones”) Funnybone (whose catchphrase was “Woof.”) and (Black, Black) Cat (whose catchphrase was “Meiow.”). Each of twelve episodes was five minutes in length. The voices were provided by popular comedian Griff Rhys Jones, who also played Moon Man, who served as the narrator in the television series.

10. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory