10 Of The Best 80s Toy Lines!

These were the toy lines that we all wanted. The big budget toys with flashy advertising and often an accompanying cartoon series! How many of these toy lines were you lucky enough to own when you were a kid

1. Masters of the Universe

Toy lines

Perhaps the most popular of the cartoon related toy lines, He man and the Masters of the Universe sold millions of action figures and toys throughout the 80s and beyond

2. My Little Pony

toy lines

Still going strong today, every 80s girl probably had at least one of these ponies in her toy cupboard!



3. The Real Ghostbusters

Toy lines

The toy line that accompanied the Real Ghostbusters cartoon, there were obviously some crossover characters from the film but the toy line was definitely used to promote the cartoon and vice versa.

4. Star Wars


The original toys were released in 1977 along with the first film but they remained the best selling toy line throughout the 80s with the release of the subsequent sequels.

5. Thundercats


Another cartoon tie in. The Thundercats figures had some interesting features like a wearable ring that would make Lion-o’s and Mumra’s eyes light up when inserted into their backs!

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Relative late comers to the 80s toy line party, the Ninja Turtles quickly became one of the best sellers. Branded the ‘Hero’ Turtles in the UK as the word Ninja was deemed to violent for a UK audience!

7. Transformers


Originally a Japanese import the cartoon was re dubbed by American Actors and became an instant hit. Toy shops all around the world struggled to keep up with the demand for the G1 toys.

8. Care Bears


The cartoon and toys were so popular they even made a movie! Which was your favourite Care Bear?

9. Keepers

Tonka toys for girls! Yes that’s right these cute little lockable pets were made by the company that made the big tough toy trucks!

10. MASK – Toy Lines

toy lines

The cartoon with the coolest theme tune! Not quite as popular  as some of the toy lines on the list but there were still plenty of 80s kids who had these in their toy box!

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