10 Awesome 80s Kids TV Shows We Are Sure You’ll Remember!

We loved our kids programmes back in the 80s, because it was just better than the rubbish kids are subjected to these days. Here are just 10 80s kids TV programmes we all loved back in the 80s.

1. Trap Door

80s kids tv programmes

The Trap Door is a British animated television series, originally shown in the United Kingdom in 1984. The plot revolves around the daily lives and the misadventures of a group of monsters living in a castle. Although the emphasis was on humour and the show was marketed as a children’s programme, it drew much from horror and dark fantasy. The show has since become a cult favourite and remains one of the most widely recognised family entertainment shows of the 1980s.[1][2] Digital children’s channel Pop started rerunning the show in 2010. Both seasons are currently available on iTunes.


2. Telebugs


The robots’ names are C.H.I.P. (Coordinated Hexadecimal Information Processor), S.A.M.A.N.T.H.A. (Solar Activated Micro Automated Non-inTerference Hearing Apparatus) and B.U.G. (Binary Unmanned Gamma camera) – who were accompanied by a flying video pack called M.I.C. (Mobile Independent Camera). They were invented by Professor Brainstrain (who is also known as Pwofessor Bwainstwain, owing to his unfortunate speech impediment) to stop enemies such as Baron Bullybyte, Magna, Angel Brain, Z.U.D.O (Zero-failure Universal Data Optimizer) Bug and Arcadia, whilst working as reporters for a TV executive named Mr McStarch.

A total of 3 seasons and 85 episodes were produced by Telemagination for Telebug Enterprises and broadcast on Children’s ITV in the United Kingdom from 1986–1987.


3. Sooty


Sooty was originally devised by Harry Corbett, who bought the puppet as a present for his son, Matthew Corbett, from a stall when he was on holiday in Blackpool in 1948. Sooty, a small yellow bear with black ears and nose, is mute to the audience but can communicate with his operator by apparently whispering in his ear. He first appeared on screen on the BBC in 1952 on the BBC’s Talent Night. This particular show came from the TV Theatre at the annual British Radio Show held on this occasion at Belle Vue, Manchester. For ten days there had been nightly heats of hopefuls in the theatre culminating in each of the winners performing live on the Saturday night variety show transmitted nationally. Harry Corbett won his heat and then, by public vote, the overall winner on the live TV show. Sooty and Harry then became regulars on the BBC children’s show Saturday Special from 1952-1955.



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