10 Amazing 80s Toys That Made The 80s Awesome!

Toys were just better in the 80s weren’t they. They were built to last and we played with them for years. Kids today don’t develop the bonds that we did with our toys. So much so we still talk about our favourite 80s toys to this day. Things in the 80s were a far cry from today’s disposable culture and these well built toys were passed down to younger brothers and sisters keeping their memory alive for years. How many of these amazing toys do you remember?

1. The Little Professor

The Little Professor is a backwards-functioning calculator designed for children ages 5 to 9. Instead of providing the answer to a mathematical expression entered by the user, it generates unsolved expressions and prompts the user for the answer. When the user turns the Little Professor on and selects a difficulty level, an incomplete equation such as “3 x 6 =” appears on the LED screen. The user has three chances to enter the correct number. If the answer is incorrect, the screen displays “EEE”. After the third wrong answer, the correct answer is displayed. If the answer supplied is correct, the Little Professor goes to the next equation. The Little Professor displays the number of correct first answers after each set of 10 problems.


2. Wrist Racers

Wrist Racers were wind up cars that can be stored and fired from your wrist! The wristband had a pull out ramp so that after winding up your car you could launch it straight from your wrist. Wrist Racers were eventually made by several companies including Tootsietoy, Knickerbocker, and Ertl.

The most popular Wrist Racers were:

Dukes of Hazzard General Lee Knickerbocker 1979
Dukes of Hazzard Police Car Knickerbocker 1979
Knight Rider Kitt 1982 Ertl
A Team Van 1983 Ertl

 3. Atomic Pinball

Wait, what now? Your own pinball machine?! That’s right in 1980 Tomy realised a personal desk top pinball machine. What’s more no coins were required for play, unless you charged your friends to play this awesome machine. With 3 balls per player this little machine gave you all the fun of the arcade in your own home. With ‘real pinball action’ you could play and be immersed in the sights and sounds that could make you a real pinball wizard.

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