10 80s Toys That Made Your Childhood Awesome!

8. Waterful Games

Tomy sells many products worldwide, including baby and pre-school toys, baby monitors, mechanical and electronic games, consumer electronics, children’s arts and crafts products, and a vast range of toys suited to girls or boys. They make a large selection of Disney, Pok√©mon and Thomas the Tank Engine merchandise. They also publish videogames in Japan (mostly based on Zoids and Naruto anime series), and are responsible for the distribution of some Hasbro products in Japan, such as Play-Doh, Jenga and Monopoly.


9. Tuneyville Choo Choo

80s toys

Tomy were second only to Fisher Price when it came to interactive baby toys!

10. Turnin’ Turbo – 80s toys

The ultimate Tomy Toy


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