10 80s Toys That Made Your Childhood Awesome!

4. Screwball Scramble

Quite possibly the greatest game ever!

Screwball Scramble (also known as “Snafu: The Maze Game That Runs You Ragged”, “Run Yourself Ragged” and “Tricky Golf”) is a toy made by TOMY that involves guiding a 13 milimeter diameter crome steel ball bearing around an obstacle course. A player guides the ball by using various buttons, dials and levers that affect parts of the course. If a mistake is made a player must start again. The aim of the game is to complete the course as fast as possible. It takes no batteries and is recommended for children five and above. The toy was popular during the 1980s, and is still available today.

The television advertisement for the game shown in the UK and Ireland is possibly one of the oldest adverts to still be broadcast in the two countries – for around a decade it has appeared annually during Christmas time.


5. Tomy – Tronic

How cool were these video games? Rubbish in the dark though!

The Tomytronic 3D is a series of portable, handheld gaming devices released in the 1982 by Takara Tomy Co., Ltd. The device featured a strap so the player would be able to wear it around his or her neck in between playing. The Tomytronic simulated 3D by having two LCD panels that were lit by external light through a window on top of the device. Released in 1983, it was the first dedicated home video 3D hardware.


6. Super Cup Football

A million times better than Subbuteo!

The company was formerly responsible for distribution of the My Little Pony products in Japan before Bushiroad acquired the distribution rights to them starting with the franchise’s Friendship Is Magic line (though the animated television series was owned by Hasbro). Later in 2015, after Bushiroad disowned the distribution rights, Sega Toys reacquired the rights to all generations of the franchise. In the 1960s, Tomy was a sponsor and toy maker for the television show Giant Robo (tokusatsu).

7. Zoids

What is cooler than building your own Robotic Dinosaur?

Beginning fairly early after the start of the original Japanese Zoid releases, the battle story first introduced the conflict between two rival nations: the Helic Republic and Zenebas Empire. Their main weapons were Zoids, living war machines built from metal-based lifeforms native to planet Zi. The Zenebas Zoids were mostly red and silver and more armored, the Helic more skeletal and favoring blue and grey.

The line expanded and drew in fans, and was thus given a proper ongoing story, with the creators wanting to appeal to fans of science fiction and animation.[2] The two nations’ conflict turned into an ongoing series of stories included on the boxes and published in various magazines and books. History of Zoids, published in 1985, covered Zi’s history as a planet wrecked by natural disasters and conflict, King Helic’s uniting the original tribes and formation of the Republic, the Empire’s bitter splitting off after his son Helic II took over and the younger Zenebas was betrayed by the era’s politicians, and much of the earlier battles in the resulting war over territory on the Central Continent.

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