10 80s Time Travel Movies That Were Awesome!

The 80s was the golden era of movie making. The use and development of CGI and effects was in its infancy which meant the majority of special effects had to be achieved practically. This fact along with the many original ideas and scripts meant that the movies just felt more real and grounded. How many of us actually believed that a Delorean could actually travel through time? Or a cybernetic robot could travel back from the future to kill it’s enemies before they were born? Here’s our top ten 80s Time Travel Movies.

10. Timestalkers (1987)

This one might sit in the so bad it’s good category for some, originally made for TV in 1987. Timestalkers tells the story of┬áRecently widowed college professor and Wild West history buff Scott McKenzie and his friend Joe Brodsky. The pair win two 19th-century steamer trunks and their contents at an auction. But when McKenzie closely examines a photograph from inside one of the trunks, he suspects that the man in the photo is a time traveler. Despite the obvious risks, McKenzie then agrees to help the enigmatic Georgia find the time traveler, in a hope to return him to his own time, to be prosecuted for crimes he has committed.

9. Biggles – Adventures In Time

Biggles Time Travel

Captain W.E. John`s world-famous fighter ace James Biggles Bigglesworth hits the big screen in all-out, all-action, all-explosive adventure! Jim Ferguson is just the head of a Manhattan catering company until the night he is flung back through time to the darkest days of the First World War. Here he meets the legendary British fighter ace Biggles and is plunged into the greatest adventure of his life! Biggles is trying to hunt down a new German secret weapon one that could win the war for the Hun! To destroy it, Jim and Biggles must hurtle back and forth through time, piecing together the clues with the aid of Biggle`s trusty friends Algy, Bertie and Ginger and a mysterious old man who lives inside Tower Bridge. As time begins to run out, Biggles must decide if he can trust the word of the girl who once broke his heart a beautiful double agent named Marie and finally defeat his arch enemy, the brutal Eric von Stalhein.Tally Ho!

8. My Science Project

In this sci-fi comedy, a high school hood, Michael Harlan, procrastinates on his science project until the day before it is due. Hastily seeking to rectify his predicament, the youth begins scouring an abandoned military dump and runs across a strange looking machine with a large crystal orb. He has no idea that it belonged to a shot down alien space craft and that it contains not only the power to generate time warps, it can also destroy the world. If he did, he might not have turned it on. Unfortunately, he does activate it and sends his entire class back in time. The special effects are especially notable, as the kids roam Earth from the dawn of time, to the future.