10 80s Things That Will Really Take You Back!

4. You and Me


Remember these two from the BBC programme You and Me? It’s Cosmo and Dibs
The first programme, called “Moving house”, was broadcast at 10:45 am 14 January 1974 on BBC1, The series was influenced by the American series Sesame Street and the research done by The Children’s Television Workshop. It also took guidance from the analysis of children’s needs in The Warnock Report, 1978. It aimed therefore, in the jargon of the time, to be very much a “child-centred series” with an emphasis on a child’s independence, enjoyment, and understanding. Emotional and social education were held to be as important as more traditional school skills. Relationships with the presenters, who were surrogate parents and carers, were seen as central. There was an assumption that most children watching would be in the company of an adult.

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5. Parker Snorkel Coat

I hated mine when i was a kid, now i’ve just spent a small fortune on an original one!

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6. Head Bag


The Ultimate School bag!

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