10 80s Movie Creatures We Wanted As Pets!

Remember the days before CGI when creatures had to be created in a very real way? It was this movie magic that really made the 80s movies and made us want to have some of these creatures all of our very own. Here’s 10 80s movie creatures you wish were real.

1. Puckmaren

80s movie creaturesThis is the cute little creature from Flight of The Navigator – that David takes home with him!

2. Harry


From Harry and the Hendersons – turns out Big Foot is actually amazing!


3. Johnny 5

Who didn’t want a lovable robot like number 5 from Short Circuit!? Number 5 is Alive!

4. Gizmo

Just follow the three rules, what could possibly go wrong?!


5. E.T.

The Extra Terrestrial!  We all loved E.T. and generations of children since love him too!

6. Ewoks

jedins återkomst originaltitel return of the jedi warwick davis spelade en ewoker

When these guys appeared in Return the Jedi it was the younger audience members who fell in love with them!

7. Falcor

The Love Dragon from Never Ending Story! We all wanted to ride on his back and chase away the bullies!


8. Ludo

Of all of the characters from Labyrinth, it was Ludo that seemed to capture our imagination!

9. Mac!

If you remember the movie Mac & Me you’ll remember falling in love with Mac!

10. Howard The Duck – 80s Movie Creatures
Just because it would be really cool if there actually was a planet out their inhabited by humanoid ducks!