10 80s Game Show Prizes We All Wanted!

The 80s was the golden era for TV gameshows, at the time the prizes seemed great, but when you look back now it all seems a bit naf! His and her matching bath robes, a pocket TV or a dinner set! More often than not it was the consolation prizes that we really wanted to get our hands on. Here in this list are 10 80s game show prizes we all wanted!

1. Blankety Blank Cheque Book And Pen

blanketyblankThis was often better than the actual prizes they gave away on Blankety Blank!

2. Bendy Bully


Who didn’t want a Bendy Bully!


3. Blockbusters Rugby Shirt and Dictionary


Alright so I’d rather have had the 5th Gold Run prize, but still wouldn’t mind a Blockbusters dictionary! Yes that is Connie Huq of Blue Peter fame!


4. Crystal Maze Crystal

crystalmazeI would have given anything to be on the Crystal maze, and get my hands on one of these! Loved the Aztec Zone!


5. Dusty Bin


The worst clues ever! They made no sense! The consolation prize on 3-2-1 was Dusty Bin – not the actual one the contestants just got a little porcelain one.

6. Strike It Lucky Board Game

strikeitluckyThis is what you walked away with from being a loser on Strike It Lucky – it was also available in the shops at the time!


7. Telly Addicts Board Game and T-shirt

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 19.46.30I’ve got the board game – eBay bargain – just need a T-shirt to go with it!


8. Wobbly Bloke


A consolation prize from the generation game I always wanted – now available from your local pound shop!


9. Wheel Of Fortune Electronic Game

wheeloffortuneRunners up on the Wheel Of Fortune got one of these, I always wanted one!


10. Speedboat

80s game show

I don’t think anyone ever actually won the speedboat, it was always the ‘Let’s have a look at what you would’ve won’ prize!

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