10 Things We Loved About 80s Christmas!

Christmas just isn’t the same nowadays is it? We find it very difficult to feel that magic we felt as kids. The whole experience has changed so much over the last couple of decades, with Internet shopping, a million TV channels and a whole host of electronic gadgetry available to us, it’s easy to forget the simpler times.

TV Times and Radio Times

With no internet or smartphones the only way to find out what was coming up on TV was on teletext or in TV listing mags. The TV Times and Radio Times were the goto TV guides and of course back in the day you had to buy both to know what was on all the channels. When the bumper Christmas Edition was released no one could stop us sitting and circling everything we were going to watch over the festive period.

2. Selection Boxes


Let’s face it they were just better back then! The bars were bigger, they tasted better and they had some awesome treats inside!

3. Argos Catalogue

The Argos catalogue! or any other catalogue for that matter! We couldn’t browse the internet back then so this is what we used to find things to put on our list for Santa! If your family found Christmas a bit of a stretch you could always order all the presents from Kays or Grattan’s and pay 36p a week for the rest of your life to pay for it all!