10 Things Everyone Had At Home In The 80s!

The 80s were a defining era when it came to fashion, not just clothes but home decor. As the browns of the 60s and 70s gave away to brighter colours, many of our homes had a mixture of the old and new as our parents slowly began to replace the old furniture and items they had inherited with their own tastes in home furnishings! Consequently you may have had many of the things on this list remind you of house in the 80s!

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Vintage Wardrobe

Many of us had a wardrobe or two like this that had been handed down to our family. They were certainly a lot more sturdy than the flat pack black ash ones that we replaced them with!

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Knitted Toilet Roll Cover

I don’t think we actually had one of these in our house but i certainly remember one very similar to this in my nan’s bathroom.

Candlewick Bedspread

Mum and Dad had one of these on their bed – I of course had an A-Team duvet cover!

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