10 Things British 80s Kids Will Love Remembering!

The 80s was an amazing decade all over the world! Here in the UK we had our fair share of American imports which we couldn’t get enough of! But in amongst all of that were those things that probably mean nothing to the rest of the world but are instantly recognisable to those of us who grew up in 70s & 80s Britain. If you remember more than 5 of these you are officially old.

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1. White Arrow Van

officially old

The site of this pulling up outside your house could only mean one thing! A delivery from the catalogue!


2. The Tufty Club


The Tufty club was essentially a safety campaign – cross the road safely, don’t talk to strangers etc. But we loved hearing all about Tufty and his friends! I think I still have my badge

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3. Swimming Badges

How many of these did you have sewn onto your trunks or swimming costume?

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