10 Programmes For Schools 80s Kids Will Remember!

Remember when the teacher wheeled in the TV? Oh the joy that you weren’t going to have to do any real work! The best part was that a lot of the programmes we were made to watch, we actually really liked! Here are some of them.

Look and Read

Look and read was first broadcast in 1967 and ran in one form or another until 2004. Wordy above was introduced in 1974! It was designed to improve literacy skills in children and it also included a number of ‘mini series’ that we all loved three of our favourite are next on the list.

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2. The Boy From Space

Peep-Peep the wierd Alien child who was helped by Dan and Helen! This series scared us half to death when we were kids, i mean, just look at him!

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3. Dark Towers

Another scary one! Tracy Edward doing their best to stop Miss Hawk from stealing the treasures of Dark Towers! An excellent theme tune sung by the one and only Derek Griffiths too!

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