Things You Only Ever Had At Christmas

Christmas in the 80s was just amazing, kids today might think it’s amazing now but we know that it was the 80s when Christmas really rocked! But do you remember those things that only ever appeared at Christmas? Here are 8 things you only had at home at Christmas time!



This is the stuff that makes Snowballs! Just add lemonade and you’ve got a delicious alcoholic Christmas Drink that your mum would always let you have a sip of!

2. Quality Street

Sure we still get these to this day, but look at the size of the tin! These days you get less than half the amount that you got back in the day!

3. Babycham

Picture by Jeff Morris 26/9/06 Pix shows a bottle of Babycham.
Picture by Jeff Morris 26/9/06

This was your Mum’s favourite drink right? So why did she only ever have it at Christmas! Everyone loved Babycham except the Dads of course!

4. Terry’s Chocolate Orange


You only ever had these at Christmas back in the 80s! Somebody always bought you a dark chocolate one when you really wanted the milk chocolate! You had to whack it on the table to release the segments! It’s not Terry’s It’s mine!