80s School Kids Take A Trip Down Memory Lane


Everyone told you at the time that your school days were the best days of your life, but you didn’t believe them! Now you spend your time telling kids that their school days are the best days of their life!

Being at school in the 80s was for most amazing, there were those of course who hated school! Whether you loved or hated it here are 10 images that will bring back some 80s memories!

1. BBC Micro Computer

80s memories

The BBC Micro! The first Computer our school ever got. We only had one that was on a trolly and wheeled from classroom to classroom! Remember typing in pages of code for it to draw a box!

2. Dot Matrix Printer Paper

The BBC Micro had a big noisy printer attached to it, that could only print on this paper, which had perforations to tear off the sides and the next sheet!

3. Overhead Projector

Long before magic white boards we had overhead projectors. The teachers would whip out their pre written acetate sheets on various subjects, saving them the arduous task of writing it on the board! Do they still have these in schools?

4. Bunsen Burner

They trusted us with these!

5. Calculator Tricks


There was a girl who was 13, her bra size was 84 but she wanted it to be 45. The doctor said 0, take these pills 2x a day, instead she took 4 and she ended up boobless.

13844502 x 4 = 55378008