10 Things 80s Kids Will Remember About Christmas!

Christmas in the 80s was just plain awesome. We had the best of everything, TV , toys, movies, music and a boat load of 80s Christmas cheer! Christmas just doesn’t seem the same these days, and even though I have kids of my own now, and it is quite magical which them around, it will never be quite the same as 80s Christmases!

1. Shopping At Woolworths

Just shopping in real shops was amazing, instead of buying everything on line!

2. Christmas Charts

Before the X factor, Christmas No.1 was more often than not an actual Christmas song!

3. Selection Boxes

They were just better back then – fact!


4. The Argos Catalogue


When the Autumn/Winter edition came out it was time to start circling those Christmas presents!

5. TV Specials


Every big TV show at the time had a Christmas Special!

6. Delia


How ever would we manage Christmas Dinner without Delia to guide us through it?

7. Noel’s Christmas Presents


Throughout most of the 80s on one programme or another Noel Edmunds always found hie way on to our screens on Christmas Morning!

8. TV Listings


We loved getting the TV listing magazines to plan our Christmas viewing and recording!

9. Beano Annual


Who else got a Beano Annual or any other annual for that matter for Christmas?

10. Christmas Jumpers


Long before they came back in fashion, we were rocking the rubbish Christmas Jumpers back in the 80s!