10 Amazing 80s Cartoons You Loved To Watch!

There were loads of great cartoons around in the 80s. Whilst we loved our Thundercats, He-man and Transformers, there were loads of great British cartoons around too.

We have chosen just 10 of them will take you straight back to those amazing days! 10 80s cartoons that made your childhood awesome!

1. Superted

80s cartoons
Supported started life as a series of books, created by Mike Young for his young son. It was turned into a TV Show in 1983 and we loved it. Just what was Superted’s secret magic word?

2. The Shoe People

shoepeopleFirst aired in 1987 on TV-am. It went on to be shown in 62 countries, including the former Soviet Union which had never shown a TV series from the West before this. The theme tune was written and performed by Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues.