10 Board Games You Always Wanted For Christmas!

The 80s was a great decade for a lot of things, but we think that some of the best board games ever invented were popular in the 80s! There are so many to chose from but here are 10 of the best! How many of these 80s board games have you played

Ghost Castle

MB games were and still are one of the Top Dogs when it comes to board games! Ghost Castle was based on an earlier similar board game called ‘Which Witch’ and has been around ever since with various different box arts but it is this brilliant 80s version that we all wanted as kids!

2. Crossbows and Catapults

The action adventure game where skill and imagination win the battle! Or the person who as modified their catapults with 3 elastic bands – they should have been classed as deadly weapons!

3. Game Of Life

You’re going to see a few MB games on this list, because..well…they’re awesome! Originaly released in 1960 and based on a game from 1860, by the time the 80s came around the game had evolved into the version we know and love. Spin the wheel and move the little car around your life, you can even pick up some kids along the way!