8 Ways 80s Kids Got Around!

We weren’t old enough to drive, but we needed to get to our friends house, so we had a lot of options for travel! Here are 8 things we used to get around in the 80s! Which of these did you own?

1. Roller Boots


We all wanted them – some of us were lucky enough to have them and they were awesome!

Osprey Girls Quad Roller Skates – Black/White/Purple, Size 10-12

2. Skate Board


It was Marty McFly and Back to the Future that made us all want a board! I never was brave/stupid enough to try and grab a car’s bumper and hitch a ride!

Osprey Complete Beginners Double Kick Trick Skateboard, 31 x 8 Inches Maple Deck

3. BMX

Back Camera

There were many awesome bikes around in the 80s, the Grifter, the Chopper for example, but it was the BMX that reigned supreme! The ultimate BMX for me was the Raleigh Burner, though I never did get one!-(

Buy the Brand New Limited Edition – Raleigh Burner!


4. Scooter


The Scooter BMX Hybrid! Amazing!

EVO Inline Scooter (Pink/Purple)


5. Go Kart

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 08.21.12

Many of us had one of these – but those of us who didn’t made our own with a bit of wood and some pram wheels!

Kiddo 2017 Racer Design Red Kids Childrens Pedal Go-Kart Ride-On Car, Adjustable Seat, Rubber Tyres – Suitable For 4 to 8 Years – New

6. Roller Skates

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 08.21.43

If you didn’t have roller boots you probably had roller skates!


7. Space Hopper


Granted it wasn’t the most efficient way of getting around but it was a lot of fun!

Adults Giant Inflatable Blow Up Bouncing Jumping Retro Space Hopper Outdoor Garden Game Orange


8. Sinclair C5


It didn’t quite revolutionise travel as Sir Clive thought it would, but it was pretty cool. However the price meant that there was only ever one kid in your town who had one!