10 80s Sweets We All Loved To Buy!

Remember queuing for the tuck shop at school? There were so many tasty sweets and snacks on offer, we absolutely loved them all. Even if you only had a couple of pence in your pocket there was usually something you could get.

If you had a few more pence though you often bought a few things off this list.

1. Opal Fruits

sweets and snacks
I still refuse to call them Star Burst! Why did they change the name? I’m sure they’re not made to make your mouth water anymore either!

2. Burton’s Fish & Chips

They have recently brought these back and they still taste great! But the original packaging takes me right back to my school days, queuing up to get some from the Tuck Shop.

3. Marathon


Not Snickers! This is how we remember it. Packed with peanuts and smothered in chocolate, and they were bigger!