10 80s School P.E. Lessons Memories!

It filled some of us with fear, and we thought of it as a form of torture. Some of us loved it, and look forward to it, some of us had to do it in our vest and underpants! Wether  loved it or hated it you’ll certainly remember it! Here’s 10 things that will remind you of P.E. lessons at school!

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1. Gym Benches


Of course the benches are on our list. We used to have to turn them upside down and try to balance on the thin bar, only to fall off and smash your shins!

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2. Plimsolls

Everybody wore these – no fancy Nikes back then!


3. The Apparatus – Lessons

apparatusThis is the one that looks most like a torture device!

4.The Ropes

Oh the friction burns!!!

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