10 80s Saturday Night TV Shows We Stayed In For!

Everyone complains about the TV schedules these days. Saturday nights were a big TV ocassion in the 80s. With the BBC and ITV putting their flag ship shows in the prime time slots. There were amazing game shows, dramas and sitcoms but for this list we’ve chosen 10 amazing light entertainment shows that made 80s Saturday Night TV awesome!

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New Faces

80s Saturday night
Long before the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent New Faces was paving the way. It originally aired in the 70s but was revived in 1986 by ITV. It launched the careers of many artists including Billy Pearce and Joe Pasquale!

2. Bob Says Opportunity Knocks

Many people will remember the host of Opportunity Knocks to be Hughie Green, that’s because he presented from 1949 to 1978! When it was brought back by the BBC in the late 80s it was presented buy the late great Bob Monkhouse.

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